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‘Build My...’ Diger Rokwell

Diger Rokwell has built quite the name for himself in recent years. After cutting his teeth performing to the tight knit audience surrounding The Community collective - of which he was a founder - Diger started sharing shows with those in the wider circles of Perth's flourishing and diverse indie scene. This hard work recently paid off in the form of winning the 2012 WAMI award for Electronic Producer of the Year. You'd think someone in that position might slow down a bit, relishing the praise. That's not Diger's style.

Diger Rokwell's new EP "Build My..." comes at a time when the flavours of his last release, the second "beat tourism" project "Sri Diger," are still fresh in the mind. The new work is echoed in the stand out track "Wake Up," but with a darker bent that reflects on the themes of winter, solitude and the ending of relationships. In fact this may be Diger's most melancholy release yet, with tracks like "Broken Man" and "Rework" utilising chopped short samples of percussion and live instruments at their most forlorn. With Diger's work, though, "dark" does not necessarily mean "negative." Making use of his skills as a multi-intrumentalist, Diger has flexed his skills in bass, guitars, synths, keys, and organs to dance with these samples, leaving the listener in a reflective state and filled with hope. This is most evident in the final track "Together," in which vocals born from pain meld with glorious ambient synths and squelches, creating the perfect music for a meditation on the self, life, and love.

"Build My" showcases the infusion of production, themes and narrative adding to Diger Rokwell’s list of musical releases. But it's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of upcoming releases. A much anticipated collaboration with Perth songstress Felicity Groom is soon to follow, along with a house and psychedelic hip hop EPs plus "beat tourism" chapters "Digstanbul," and "Indigernesia" in the pipeline also. Mixed by Ylem and Diger himself, and mastered by Monk Fly at The Frequency Lab, "Build My" will show you exactly why the awards have started flowing and the crowds at Diger's shows just keep growing.

The Community Records 2012
Serial No: CMTY13
DLs available from http://digerrokwell6000.bandcamp.com/