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The Community Beats Compilation

If lyrics are the conscience of music then beats are the soul. And The Community is about to show the world that souls come in all sizes, colours and shapes. Some souls are angular, delicate and brittle, as if looking at them would be enough to shatter them into pieces; other souls are energetic, excited and robust - they fill you with a sense of immediacy and joy; still other souls are dark, ominous and disturbing yet, also, strangely alluring. This diversity of musical soul will be presented on The Community's newest release, Community Beats.

Community Beats features 18 tracks from the likes of recent WAMi Award winning artists Diger Rokwell and Mathas (without a mic), as well as, YLEM, Vishnu, FG, Mei Saraswati, Ourobonic Plague and Able8 just to name a few. A quick listen will show just how diverse this collection of tunes actually is. ‘Pull Up’ by Diger Rokwell is a future beat up start complete with squelch bass, airhorns and squirling sonics. Mathas’ inclusion, entitled ‘Glowboiler’, is a deep, emotive and progressive hip hop beat that nods its head to Apollo Brown whilst FG’s ‘Community 101’ is a forward-thinking public service announcement disguised as a hip hop beat. Vishnu, YLEM and Mostarsk bring a more experimental edge release with layers of ambient sounds, percussive counterpoint and sophisticated melodic elements. The Empty Cup, DJ Silence, DOS4GW and Able8 reinterpret the conventions of hip hop with their contributions and demonstrate why they are considered amongst the most cutting edge hip hop producers in the country. The release represents the souls, sounds and vibes that currently resonate within this tight collective.

Birthed as a street art project in 2004, The Community has grown into collective of over 30 members with artists, musicians, lyricists and emcees located throughout Australia. As a part of The Community’s 8th birthday celebrations, the collective is releasing two compilations: Community Beats and Community Words. Community Beats is the first of these two albums and features a stylistically diverse array of music from artists featured on

The Community Records 2012
Serial No: CMTY14

Mixed by Everyone
Mastered by Alex Planet