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The Community has had a big year and it's about to get a whole lot bigger. Following on from the critical success of Community Beats in August, The Community has banded together to release a second compilation of unreleased music for 2012. This time, the collective felt that instrumentals were not enough and conceived Community Words.

Community Words is a 16-track album featuring The Community’s finest songwriters, emcees, singers and their close associates. With songs that vary in subject matter from first date anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder, Community Words has been designed to show the world that beats driven music is about more than making people dance in clubs. Emcees and singers including Marksman and ASAP, Felicity Groom, Wisdom2th, The Empty Cup, Mathas and Rachael Dease are given centre stage. Of course, a healthy dose of head nod rhythms and banging beats compliment the vocalists, with instrumentals delivered from the consummate creative fingertips of Diger Rokwell, YLEM, DOS4GW, Able8, The Boost Hero Man, DJ Silence and Lenny Rudeberg to name but a few.

Community Words is a testament to the outpouring of creativity that has overwhelmed The Community in 2012. It is the collective’s second full-length compilation this year, in addition to the numerous outstanding releases from individual Community artists. These fresh releases have included Marksman's album, 'The Bridges in Spain', (which received a pleasant share of Triple J and Rage love), Diger Rokwell's 'Build my…' EP, Empty's 'The Empty Cup Mixtape' and FG's 'Making Space' album. The releases don't stop there, though.

Not satisfied with a simple single-album launch to reveal Community Words, The Community will be launching three new albums at Mojo's Bar on November 24. In addition to Community Words, YLEM will be launching his new, much-anticipated album 'Disk.151' and tripl M.U.M will be dropping his solo project 'Desert Steve'. More over, triple launch patrons will receive each of those three original albums in exchange for a $15 cover charge.

The Community is a self-funded artist collective consisting of music producers, performers, administrators and visual artists from Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 2004, The Community is a multi-platform music and arts group that engages with the local Perth scene through running live events, exhibitions, music releases, fundraising initiatives and artist development.

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