Diger Rokwell 'Sprouts' Limited Edition 10"

Image of Diger Rokwell 'Sprouts' Limited Edition 10"


1. Vedic Dial
2. Go Easy
3. Tahitian Lime Jump
4. Dafur
5. You Might
6. Push It Centre

Ash Hosken aka Diger Rokwell has had a very fruitful year! Becoming a new dad, releasing the acclaimed psychedelic electronic EP ‘Seeds’ via 10 inch limited vinyl, making his own unique brand of DIY video clips and lastly getting a job promotion. 2015 has been a year to remember. Now, Diger turns his attention to the exotic sub-textual beat tape inspired extended play ‘Sprouts’. This work is the next in the series of extended plays narrowing in on a single narrative genre. Sprouts is the third in a series of four extended play releases, that will culminate in a full length mid 2016 through The Community Records.

Sprouts was crafted with the use of subtropical sample sources, accompanied with a variety of instruments and synths collected over a lifetime. Combined with field recordings to add crunch and texture. The release pays homage to beat tape music and has a thrown together feel on purpose to capture the essences of creation. The release's motto is 'stay true to the original idea’ and ‘do not to over think Art’. Refine indeed, but do not stray from the original concept. Sprouts drips into exotic sounds, hip hop beat elements, layered percussive feels and distinctive AM sampled vocal tones. The extended play harks back to Diger’s more beat orientated Beat Tourism music, whilst fusing samples and live instruments together. A blending of Diger’s contrasting production styles. It is a electronic work using all organic sources.

The release is 6 tracks deep and it breaths contrast, explores mood, and has a range of stylistic differences, tones and processes. This release definitely builds upon his impressive discography that is continually evolving one release at a time. Starting with the rolling percussive and haunting ‘Vedic Dial’, then lighting up with the old school meets new burner of ‘Go Easy’, exploring the fun and fruitiness of ‘Tahitian Lime Jump’, darkening the tone a little with the brooding ‘Dafur’, lifting with the cosmic wobble of ‘You might’ and concluding with slow wave jamminess of ‘Push It Centre’. Sprouts is a continued explorative in musical risk and a continued expansion of Diger’s creative modes and techniques.