DJ Silence 'In the Shadows'

Image of DJ Silence 'In the Shadows'


'In the Shadows' is 5 tracks of raw, moody sample based beats that give a firm nod to the golden age of hip hop production whilst maintaining a progressive and contemporary sound. DJ Silence draws influences from artists as wide-ranging as Aesop Rock through to Bonnie Prince Billy. His diversity of taste is further reflected in the diversity of sounds he draws from to create the songs on “In The Shadows”.

It is apparent at first listen that DJ Silence treats the sounds that he works with like oil paints or materials in a collage. Textures are layered and complex, arrangements provide contrast and clarity. Yet, throughout each song the musicality is always foreground. This, perhaps more than anything, explains why Silence has been able to attract such a broad range of talented vocalists to contribute lyrically to the album. In an age of knob twisting, filter sweeps and fidgety pitch shifting, DJ Silence rejects superficial technical trickery and delivers an album that simply nails the universal basics of rhythm, melody, composition and arrangement.