'Sri Diger' Diger Rokwell

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Diger Rokwell is home with his latest limited edition Beat Tourism installment and follow up to 'Digerbodia'. 'Sri Diger:remixes and beats from Lanka' features the Veddah, Sinhalese, Moorish and Tamil sounds of the enchanted isle Sri Lanka fused with technology.

The work was primarily created whilst Diger was on rest and recreation in Sri Lanka. This trip Diger sampled radio, television, drums, recorded field recordings and bass interwoven with purchased Sri Lanka folk music to produce styles very much of the now.
The work features various genres from lo fi dub step to choppie hip hop to fuzzy disco.

‘Lion Rok’ scales the scene with its textual soundscape floating above a dubstep symbolism of the temple outcrop. ‘Galle’ explores the lax sway of the colonial port and fort, ‘Dharma Drums’ merges the worlds of Sri Lankan soap opera, talk shows with severe sitar and drum chops. ‘Squirrel Jam’ pays tribute to Sri Lanka’s resourceful rodents with quirky synths. ‘Jothipala Forever’ remembers the music of HR Jothipala, Sri Lanka’s king of Sinhalese popular music.

Collected, complied, arranged and tweaked for over 7 months, Sri Diger features 7 tracks that pay homage to Sri Lankan scapes, sounds and songs through recontextualisation. Mixed by Community comrade YLEM and mastered by Dave Cooley of Stones Throw fame, Sri Diger is a sonic sounding journey.

1. dharma drums
2. lion vs. tiger
3. sri sitar
4. squirrel jam
5. ella
6. galle
7. jothipala forever

Digital download available here:

Also available from Dada's, 78's, Mills Records, Fat Shans, Planet Music and Wax Museum Melbourne.