The Boost Hero Man 'Rebuild the Future'


Rebuild The Future- The Boost Hero Man
The Boost Hero Man has released his long awaited debut EP entitled 'Rebuild The Future’. This extended play will entertain the mind, body and space. Boost is renowned for a unique brand raw boom-bap hip hop (reminiscent of Onra’s beat/funk excursions and early Madlib). However, his debut will mark a departure from this style to make way into more adventurous spacious ambient realms. The Boost Hero Man is a prominent figure in the Perth beat community; known for his outlandish stage space guise, brave musical innovation and musical depth.
‘Rebuild the Future' will showcase Boost's ability to conjure up wild futuristic worlds whilst experiencing a cinematic context. He describes it as a 'functional' EP designed for moments of clarity, relaxation and imaginings to combat the stresses of the everyday. This is not an EP to dance to but a work to sink into its sublime frequencies and grand structures. The five-track work will act as a sonic reproduction of The Boost Hero Man's visions of a futuristic galactic civilisation.
The sonic journey will take you from the observation deck of a science platform viewing the collapse of a star, to the stream runners darting across interstellar highways to deliver cosmic collisions of high value and ideals. Spark is the track that defines the 'zero-drums' scope of the EP with lush horn-like pads and powerful lead lines this second track lays a cosmic base for the rest of the EP to build from. The third track, 'Means' showcases a collaboration with a freelance voice actor who helps Boost outline the 10 steps to becoming 'The Boost Hero Man'. Track four of this EP will take you to Kyre the industrial sector of the galaxy pulsing like a giant machine where communications are throttled with the bustle of commerce and construction.
‘Rebuild The Future’ is available for digital download via The Boost Hero Man Bandcamp page, The Community Records Bandcamp and physical copies available from