'We Are All Related' Diger Rokwell

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Diger Rokwell has had a productive year. The Digerbodia beat tourism tape dropped earlier this year to critical praise and plenty of airplay, leading to his live shows being in great demand. That was only the beginning though, because, as promised, the full-length album “We Are All Related” has arrived.

Twelve months in the making, “WAAR” is Diger as a multi-instrumentalist, handling guitar, bass, synths, keys and organ parts all himself. This live element accompanies the deft sampling and masterful composition that we’ve come expect, as seen on The Earthhead and Digerbodia releases, but now taken to a higher level. On top of all that, the album delivers again a symbolic narrative to the audience and its open-endedness leads to multiple interpretations. With samples and inspiration originating from the music of Pakistan, Iran, Africa, Mongolia and China, and philosophical resonance via Carl Sagan speeches and other forward thinkers spoken word. The overriding theme of the release is the path of Humanity: past, present and future and our hopeful eventual realisation of true relationship with each other.

All tracks on the release showcase the diversity of sounds Diger Rokwell produces. Past, present, and future interpretations of our travels on this earth combine with ambient reversed sitars and spaced out drum loops on “Journey”. Heavy, apocalyptic bass lines lay the foundation for consideration of inactivity and delusion in our society and a localised play on words in “Aperthy.” Echoes of Pakistani cinema rattle through the cosmos on “No More Kings” while on “Nothing Stays the Same”, the rockabilly jungle beats provide as much material for reflection, as they do for dancing. “Show me” is an ambient number reminiscent of a space documentary soundtrack. “Free Ticket” is a hip hop throw back track with pigmy vocals and Turkish Anatolian drums. All these concepts – both sonic and philosophical – are dealt with in “We Are All Related,” which ingeniously functions as a kind of epilogue, and features eloquent lyrical ponderings from Mathas.

Enlisting Sibalance to mix and Dave Cooley (Stones Throw, Elefant Traks) to master the work. Diger has ensured that every snare snaps, every bassline booms, and every synth soars. ‘We Are All Related’ is truly a statement, a mark made on both the musical community and the world at large.